The Sea of Time. Tamano Koichi


The Sea of Time

At the mercy of the wind from inside myself,
I continued my journey through the darkness of Butoh.

I can see so many towns in my mind’s eye,
where 30 years have passed by.

I am now on the shore of the ocean inside myself,
standing against the wind blowing from the unseen distance.

The sea is the mother of time and space.
After the long journey from the horizon of time, therefore,
it is a great relief to me to put out to sea
as if I were in a cradle gently rocked by my mother.

Visionary corps, lower a sail!
Tighten up the rope!

Tamano Koichi
August 2016

On the photo: Tamano Koichi
Photographer: Inada Takushi
from the book “BUTOH. Dancers in Shades of Darkness”.

Many thanks to Yumiko Yoshioka.

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