From being jealous of a Dog’s Vein

From Being Jealous of a Dog’s Vein, extracts of Tatsumi Hijikata’s book “Inu no jomyaku ni shitto suru koto kara”, translated by Elena Polzer.

62 pages, in English and original Japanese, published in 2006 by Mori-Ogai-Gedenkstätte der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
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Tanz der Zukunft, Kasai Akira


Akira Kasai can be also considered a pioneer of  Butoh in the 1960s and ’70s. The story says that was Kasai, who gave the name to Butoh. In the modern times he is often called the “Nijinsky of butoh” for his sophisticated style. As Kazuo Ohno, Tatsumi Hijikata, Yukio Waguri, Kasai has left the dance scene for 14 years, his interest in Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy and eurythmy has led him to Germany, where he lived and studied for few years.

“Tanz der Zukunft”  has been written by Kasai yet in 1983. but published only 20 years later. Today thanks to Mori-Ogai-Gedenkstätte der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin we can learn Kasai´s world and words. Language: German and original Japanese. Translated by Daniel Yamada.

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Butoh Dance Training
Secrets of Japanese Dance through the Alishina Method

Author: Juju Alishina
Translated by: Corinna Torregiani
Publisher: Singing Dragon, London, 2015

Alishina_Butoh-Dance-Web Drawing on avant garde and classical Japanese dance traditions, the Alishina Method offers a systematized approach to Butoh dance training for the first time in its history. With practical instruction and fully illustrated exercises, this book teaches readers:
– basic body training and expression exercises
– exercises to cultivate Qi (energy) and to aid improvisation
– about katas (forms) and how to develop your own
– the importance of voice, sound and music in Butoh
– to collaborate and be in harmony with others
– techniques to manipulate time and space
– how to develop the imagination and refine the senses to enrich performance.

This authentic approach to Japanese dance will be compelling reading for anyone interested in contemporary dance, performance arts, Japanese culture or personal development techniques.

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The Intensity of Nothingness 
The Dance and Thoughts of Masaki Iwana

Publication of the 2nd. Edition (April 2011) – now with 500 examples
(1st. Edition published: May 2002)

Contents: A4 size, high quality paper + beautiful book cover, 162 pages (English / Japanese bilingual), 26 photos (inc. colour) + 13 new photos (total 39 photos, plus diagrams).

Essays: 2 main Butoh texts
The Human as a Material Entity
The Body and Dancing at the Core of Being Left Behind
7 short Butoh texts, 9 Essays, 5 media clips, articles, interview, updated biography, + new Butoh text About Our Dance (2009).

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