Venue: Mime Centrum – Mediathek, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, EG, 10997 Berlin 

20 November, Thursday, 20:00

Eidolon & Chair de peau  2014 / 45 min

Video art with contemporary Butoh dancers Flavia Ghisalberti (CH) and Valentin Tszin (RU), music Philippe Alioth (FR), dir. TK Kim (FR). 

EIDOLON – unperception

Are you the image of something, of someone? Of an original, a creator, of a metaphysical and yet picturable entity? Or are YOU an original, and is picture bad, wrong, menacing? Do image and original have to be enemies? Is one of these two an idol, a false god or just a projection screen? To see yourself as an image, must seem wrong. It must not be. Your image is your enemy as it allows no projection, for all projection would be a projection on yourself. Icon, idol, image… only the real false, the real unpersonalized can be projectable. Only the projected part must be visible, the real part is you. You hide. Our image shall be ourself, not other, so our image and ourselves are one. 

Chair de Peau – Flesh for skin

The different stages of consciousness… The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) can numeralize it. But define it? What's visible from the outside is skin, flesh, eyes. Hearable is the voice, the breath. But the mind, can it express itself without a body? How far the intensity of expression is parallel between body and mind? Does restless body mean restless mind? Move, hide, flee. Hesitate, run. Body and mind should do it in a common movement. Or not? Who controls their parallelism? Three aggregate states of the mind/body-batch or the body/mind-rejection are shown in images and sounds, for four times skin and flesh are a surface of a physical/metaphysical duet.


TK KIM  Musician/ Performer / Film maker

Born in Grenoble/France, TK KIM already started painting before she went studying in Lyon and Heidelberg. Since very early age she was looking for what’s inside persons, what is visible to other senses than our eyes. She turns to video and photo, reciting short stories in front of cameras, searching the nudity of the soul behind masks, revealing inimacy (hers and others’), turning stolen intimacy into extimacy. The videofilm Eidolon presented at the Butoh festival “Buto-OFF” in Basel and Butoh Festival Berlin broaches the issue of idolatry, projection, a personality becoming an object of usnpoken fear and desire. Another trilogy of short video essays, Chair de Peau, is all about several stages of consciousness and coma, asking questions about the parallelism of body and mind.


20 November, Friday, 20:00

On the border
2014 / 90 min

"On the Border", a film by Mario Morleo, about 10 years (2003-2013) of the Butoh dance-solo festival "La Danza di Confine" ("Dance on the border"), art. dir. Annalisa Maggiani in Lerici and "Sconfinando Festival", Sarzana, Italy.

This unique festival, under the artistic direction of Anna Lisa Maggiani, shows a variety of performances by Japanese Butoh masters, as well as by dancers from all around the world, who have experimented with Butoh. La Danza di Confine is a journey into the Border Land which is a land of passage, transition and transformation. When dancing in this land we are creating new territories, by bringing in communication from different worlds: conscious and unconscious, known and unknown, form and formless. It is a land between East and West, between different artistic disciplines. Border, meaning the space of transition between different cultures, arts and styles, in which the capacity of absorbing and transforming creates new appearances. It is a land in which the body finds all its own communicative strength and poetry.

Mario Morleo, a documentary maker and videoartist since 25 years. He works with different artists around the world and since 1999 collaborates with the dancer Annalisa Maggiani.