15 November, Sat

Solo performance of Yuko Kaseki (JP)

The birth to kill,
To build to break
to be erased
to be pasted
The invisible enemy
imperceptible voice
The other side of the filter
The inside of the monitor
In order to be fooled
In order to deceive

21.00 Open jam dancers, performers, musicians and all inspired to dance are welcome!
also with Yuko Kaseki.

16 November, Sun

12.00 “100 flowers for Carlotta Ikeda”, homage performance
Coordinator: Nadine Milzner, a member of Carlotta Ikedas company Ariadone in 2004-2007. Dancers: Nadine Milzner, Vanessa Vidal, Anita Callaghan and other. 
Simultaneously with homage in Barcelona/ Festival “Butoh en Barcelona”/ and Vienna.
After the performance a solo piece by Carlotta Ikeda from “Zarathoustra-Variations” will be shown.


20.00  In a remote land
solo performance of Michiyasu Furutani (JP).
Live music: Han Satoh, Saxophon

Not dry.
Not humid.
Not chilly.
Not temporal.
Not viscous.
But surrounded by the air.
I stay being put in the place
to come out of hiding
with a grin for going somewhere
somebody knows.


20.40  Twilight
with Motimaru (JP/IT)

Between darkness and light, “Twilight” is a piece about the space where the borders of dualism start melting. The wish to go beyond the conflict of dualism has been the most fundamental source of human art. Dance has started as ritual to purify the unbalances between who lives and who died.




21.30 Open jam – dancers, performers, musicians and all inspired to dance are welcome!
also with Michiyasu Furutani, Motimaru. Live-music: Han Satoh/Saxophon. Yoni Downs/Electric guitar. 

Yoni Downs is a Berlin-based musician; multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. His works include compositions for film, theater and dance troupes. He has played in bands across New York, Chicago and Berlin. Currently, he sings and plays Cornet in the local swing trio The Late Twenties, and he regularly performs solo in various locations around Berlin. Yoni has always used improvisation in his creations, allowing him to respond to the given moods and surroundings.