Butoh Festival Berlin has prepared a profound program – a symposium, workshops, performances and screenings – to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Butoh. We have brought together established and young Butoh artists, experts and audiences, to talk about the past and the future of Butoh, its modern developments and influences on contemporary art forms. The symposium is neither aimed to give definitions nor to make us draw some conclusions. As soon as something is defined, it loses its life. Since life is movement and even in stillness it flows. So is Butoh.

Specially for  Butoh Festival Berlin, Eeva Kukkonen, a visual artist from Finland, currently based in Berlin, has created  an origami installation of lotus flowers with the main sculpture containing more than 700 single pieces.

We are happy to be one of the 5 citites in 4 european countries hosting Butoh festivals in November 2014. 

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November 15

November 16

11:00  Official opening.

11:10  History panel with Stephen Barber [GB]: lecture “Hijikata’s Butoh: Fragments and Resonances”, screening, Q&A.

12:00 Homage performance “100 flowers for Carlotta Ikeda”, simultaneous with dancers in Vienna and “Butoh en Barcelona” festival. Coordinator – Nadine Milzner.

12:30 Film “Butoh: body on the edge of crisis”, dir. M. Blackwood.

12:30 Expert talk with Elena Polzer [DE]: “Observations of a Loving Sceptic”.

14:00 Pause

14:00  Pause

15:00 Artist talk: Yuko Kaseki [JP].

15:00  Artist talk: Masaki Iwana [JP].

16:30  Presentation trailer “Eidolon” & “Chair de peau”, dir. TK Kim.

16:30 Presentation trailer “On the border”, dir. M. Morleo.

17:00 “Blooming lotus in the mud of butoh”  with Motimaru [JP/IT]: Talk about Kazuo &Yoshito Ohno, Tatsumi Hijikata, butoh scene nowadays in Japan and Europe.

17:00 Round table with Masaki Iwana, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Elena Polzer.

Entrance >> free


20:00 “SHOOT JEEZ MY GOSH” with Yuko Kaseki [JP]. 

21:00 Open jam. Artists and muicians are welcome.

20:00 “In a remote land” with Michiyasu Furutani [JP], “Twilight” with Motimaru [JP/IT].  

21:30 Open jam. Artists and musicians are welcome.

Tickets >> 5-10 Euro /flexible

Venue: TATWERK, Hasenheide, 9, Gewebehof – Aufgang 1, 3. OG, 10967 Berlin /

For performances with Masaki Iwana, please, see  Butoh events page.


November 20

November 21

20:00  “Eidolon” & “Chair de peau”, dir. TK Kim, 45 min.

20:00  “On the border”, dir. M. Morleo, 90 min.

 Entrance >> free

Venue: MIME CENTRUM BERLIN, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, EG, 10997 Berlin /


November 22

November 23

10:00  “SKIN… LIFE… SOUL!”  with Tebby Ramasike.

10:00 “Body quakes” with Özlem Cosen.

12:00 break

12:00 break

12:30 “Take a Butohk” with Michiyasu Furutani.

12:30 “Nothingness in the Now” with Marina Epp.

14:30  break / free training in the studio.

14:30  break / free training in the studio.

15:20 “Body in Pages” with Yuko Kaseki.

15:20 “Introduction to Seki Method” by Minako Seki.

17:30 Open presentation. Film about “ Butoh related project”.

17.20 End of the program.

Price >> 1 workshop – 15 euro, 1-day card – 40 euro, 2-day card – 80 euro.

Venue: TATWERK, Hasenheide, 9, Gewebehof – Aufgang 1, 3. OG, 10967 Berlin /

Special thanks to:  

Marc Carrera  | Michael Blackwood productions | Irene Pascual Molinas [design]

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  1. Tom Zunk
    30th October 2014 at 9:09 pm

    is it possible to participate? as musician??

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