Butoh Music: From Trust to Dust by François Rossignol

From Trust to Dust
Music album and text: François Rossignol

For my second opus in the genre, I first intended to revisit the original artistic views of the founding fathers of Butoh and by the same occasion experiment with complex sound drawings. Little did I know that the present times would offer me so much inspiration…

From the beginning, while searching for some kind of leitmotiv, a theme kept popping to mind: The social mechanics of a culture structured around superficiality that leads to its own destruction. As a result, my questioning naturally took place around the consequences of an omnipotent pop culture in a capitalist country. It might seem drafty and somewhat thin, but if the values are weak, so is art and therefore so is our ability to understand and reflect socially. This entertains the thought that in such a land, all great rewards (whatever this would then mean…) would be for those afflicted by those inabilities to comprehend with lucidity. If we let the prejudice of reflection creep in, we let the death of conscience take over.

On this album I try to vibrantly paint an imaginary society confused and lost, where fear reigns and happiness has a price. Where hope has transformed, no…, muted to despair and misery can only be tempered by occasional mild dopamine rushes of satisfied vanity. Yes, it is dark, it is bleak, but to me it is mostly a vital/primal scream of condemnation for the trying times to come. Culture, be strong!

François Rossignol, Composer | www.francoisrossignol.com

You have an idea? Don’t hesitate, I’m very open to collaborative projects…

From Trust to Dust – Butoh vol.2
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