From necessary motion to soundscapes. Butoh music album

We are glad to introduce François Rossignol, a French music composer, and his new album, inspired by Butoh.

[Text: François Rossignol]

From necessary motion to soundscapes

     Like most people from my generation, I first came in contact with Butoh when watching ‘The silent Scream’ scene from the movie Baraka wondering what was happening. When Samsara came out, Ron Fricke included yet another performance, this time more elaborate and clearly used as a center piece for the films pivot.

     From that point on, my passion for the art of the ”Dance of Darkness” started to bloom. But first, let me clarify at once that the passion I am experiencing when challenged by a Butoh concept doesn’t reside on the soul emotional state, in fact, it quite exacerbates the influence of psychology on my behavior, thus influencing a wide range of emotions that are then now obligated to live and settle on the surface of a boiling body.

     I think it is that specific essence of context which prevents us from understanding, strictly with a focused mind, what in fact, stimulates a more organic way of perceiving the great and precious notion of the fragility of life. Butoh often seen as the dance of Darkness, to me reflects more a necessary path out of the Samsara. While wellbeing is a goal perfectly legitimate to contemplate, it is nevertheless a perilous endeavor if not sustained by a lucid state of consciousness. Butoh provides in every point, and in perfect balance, the very Yang needed for the Ying. The fact that this art form is expressed through dance only makes it more strait to the point – life is motion.

Listen to Butoh volume 1

Butoh Album Rossignol

     My goal as a composer was to create a music that would stand on its own as a vehicle for the imagination. It would have to be a sort of ‘soundscape’ that could also lead the listener on a journey into a land of multiple and unknown elements of emotional and physical relief. I also wanted the images to dance in the mind – motion was necessary. But for my first Opus in the genre, I wanted to explore the psychology rather than sonic colour (which turned out just fine anyways). I also wanted to conform to the perspective initially intended by the creators of the genre and try to play the music in the way musicians from a post apocalyptic time would. Not easy for a perfectionist, but quite stimulating as I became more and more an actor than a musical performer. And I loved it !

     I am now, five years later, working on a second opus in the same style. This time, I will be exploring the sonic space – I will paint the soundscape. While I will be working on this next album, please come and have a listen to a strong segment of my art. It was, after all, an epiphany. I am sure many of you appreciate to discover of a body of work done with strong integrity and utmost respect for the art of Butoh.

…and please feel free to write for any collaborative projects or ideas!

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