January 2016 archive

Butoh, Video and Music collaboration

This video is the initial collaboration between Japanese butoh dancer Daiichiro Yuyama of Dairakudakan, fashion designer/tape-looping analog synth musician Ross Menuez of Salvor Projects, and DP/Director Bob Geile.

The thought was, what happens when you take 3 art forms, set them up without letting them collaborate directly but instead let them react to one another spawning some mutant art child?

“We set everything up in the studio, told Dai he could do whatever he wanted (even walk out of the frame) hit play on the track and just let the magic unfold.”
The dancer had never heard the music or seen the frame, the music was not conceived for the dance, and the DP had no idea what the dancer would do.

Afterwards film editor Billy Song got a hold of the footage, conceived a ridiculously labor intensive math vs rhythm inspired cutting technique, and fused everything together creating an intensely mesmerizing 3 minutes.

Direction & Image: Bob Geile | bobgeile.com
Dance: Daiichiro Yuyama of Dairakudakan | dairakudakan.com
Sound: Ross Menuez of Salvor Projects | salvorprojects.com
Studio: David Shadi Perez | Shadinyc.com
Montage: Billy Song

The raw footage is available for others to download/remix into other work as well