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Capturing a white bird, that is all the same as…

“Capturing a white bird, that is all the same as capturing the blue sky”, Butoh Dance performance by Macoto and Hikaru Inagawa /4 Rude/, at Tatwerk.

Based on the novel “The Woman in the Dunes”  written by Japanese writer Kobo Abe.
Freedom of transfer. Freedom of not transfer. A round-trip ticket. Social restriction under the name of freedom.Utopia at the World’s End. Belonging. Home….
We find many keywords from this story.
For example, the European Union – a kind of Utopia - is really the “Utopia” for immigrants?
We are all right but is it true….?

4RUDE is a performing arts unit founded by Hikaru Inagawa in Tokyo in 2005.
The unit aims at finding alternative ways; acting without words and dance based on inner experience instead of focusing on body movements. Their work include theater and Butoh pieces. Based both in Berlin and Tokyo.  Website

Next show: 15 – 17 January, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin | Event page

Photo: Saverio Tonoli Adamo |

Photo: Astrid Astra Indricane |