August 2015 archive

Butoh-fu: The Legends of Tono.

At the end of July Butoh Channel Berlin was honored to host dearest Natsu Nakajima and Yukio Waguri, Butoh Masters of the second generation. On that occasion Yukio Waguri and Macoto Inagawa (4RUDE) have choreographed a special edition of Butoh-fu piece “The Legends of Tono” .

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Dance: Macoto Inagawa (Maco)
Choreography: Yukio Waguri, Maco/4RUDE.
Text editing: 華英 Kaé
Organisation: Butoh Channel Berlin in cooperation with Mime Centrum Berlin
Photo: Saverio Tonoli Adamo |
Video: Maria Felix Korporal

Venue: Studio 2 Mime Centrum Berlin