July 2015 archive

Video of Butoh performance “Shoot Jeez My Gosh”, Yuko Kaseki

This piece was premiered at Butoh Festival Berlin in November 2014.

This butoh performance is inspired by Henry Darger’s fantasy world that juxtaposes innocence with violence. Sounds from real battles found on the Internet are contrasted with iconic corporeal movements that represent innocence. The work attempts to pose a question to the feeling of ambivalence towards systematic violence that imposes powerlessness, and simultaneously reminds of brutal terror that characterizes our epoch.

The birth to kill
Build to break down
To be erased
To be pasted
The invisible enemy
Imperceptible voice
The other side of the filter
The inside of the monitor
In order to be fooled
In order to deceive
Endless game of
The world

Concept/Sound collage/Dance: Yuko Kaseki
Music: Kazuhisa Uchihashi, SUIT
Artistic advisor: Lisa Stertz
Light design: Roger Rossell
Costume: Kahori Furukawa