April 2015 archive

Minako Seki: HUMAN FORM 1

Solo performance of Minako Seki, HUMAN FORM 1, took part in DOCK11 last week. This year Minako Seki celebrates the 30th anniversary of her dance career.  Her next piece, EXISTENCE, to be seen 7-10 May in DOCK11, investigates life-determining issues such as fear, hope, love, illness and death.

Who is in control of the puppet-body?
Would a disembodied human form be just another piece of useless object,
or does it actually hold a deeper meaning for us?

In this work, I want to blur the boundaries between human and artificial bodies.
The human body, that becomes no more than a mere puppet, is stripped in just its form in the aim to reach the liminal space between the physicality and the artificiality.

To create this work, I draw inspirations from puppets and robots, and borrow elements from animation art, Japanese gardens and architecture.
Minako Seki

Choreography & Dance: Minako Seki

Photo: Saverio Tonoli Adamo


Radical Levels of Valentin Tszin

We are glad to share special news.
Valentin Tszin, co-founder of Butoh Channel Berlin, founder of Butoh Channel and Butoh Village (Moscow), has moved to Berlin for a magistracy at HZT-Berlin (MA SODA). Valentin has broad experience studying and working with Ko Mirobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Taketeru Kudo, Ken Mai, Dairakudakan, Flavia Ghisalberti and many more.
He is already known in Berlin for his performances and workshops in collaboration with Yuko Kaseki.
Valentin will be also engaged as a teacher and choreogrpaher in coming eX…it!, 6th international Butoh dance-eXchange and performance festival in Schloss Broellin (Germany) in August.

Meanwhile Valentin invites to his RADICAL LEVELS DANCE-THEATRE course: Spring/Summer 2015
April 14 – July 2
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 19:00h-21:00h
Start dates for themed two-week sets: 4/14, 4/28, 5/12, 5/26, 6/9, 6/23
(Please register early, as the space is limited)

You can still take a try-out class for 10 Euros during the first week (April 14th, 16th, or 17th). Contact Lisi – lisijeanne(at)gmail.com

More info on our website and fb

Intensity and Error

Early Spring Training with Michiyasu Furutani

Workshop Notes

I think, in Butoh, we have 4 useful elements: gravity, centrifugal force, repulsive force and muscles. In combination with some other things such as imagination, balance, center of weight as point or line…

Suri-ashi – walking, literally – sliding legs. Butoh walk is very grounded, close to the earth, which is opposite to ballet and modern dance. Whereas in Butoh one needs to use a lower center of gravity, in the mentioned above genres – to go up high. The center of gravity is a point, but it also can be a line. Have you noticed how different walking forward and backward is?.. we have searched how moving in different directions body impacts the performer him/herself and the audience… walking a wall… walking fear and anxiety.

Some dancers say, dance consists of 3 elements: playfulness, confrontation, relaxation. I think, dance consists of improvisation, analysis and individual creativity.

Without story, without emotion. We try to make movement which wouldn’t relate to individuality. I think, if one’s body is empty, one can reach the native spirit and subconsciousness common to all mankind, which is imprinted in our DNA.

Text: Michiyasu Furutani

Photos & drawings: Saverio Tonoli Adamo