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From Ballet to Butoh – Artist talk with Aya Irizuki


From elegance and fineness of classical forms in Ballet to obscurity and earthiness of Butoh – Aya Irizuki shares her experiences in a talk, on the 25th of March, 19:00, in Mediathek Mime Centrum Berlin.
Aya Irizuki was born in 1983 in Japan.
She studied classical and modern ballet from her childhood, but turned to Butoh at the age of 18. She visited Asbestos Hall and took classes with Akiko Motofuji, later – with Yukio Waguri and Koichi Tamano. She also worked as a dancer in their dance companies performing in Japan and over the world until 2007.
After her graduation from Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, she played the main female role of a Butoh dancer in the film “Kirschblüten– HANAMI” (Cherry Blossoms), dir. Doris Dörrie, in 2008.
Later Aya  studied Corporeal Mime in London.
She has been performing her solo works all over the world.

Video screening, talk about Butoh and personal experiences, dance scene in Japan and Europe, Q&A


Mediathek Mime Centrum, Kunstquartier Bethanien, EG/ground floor, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin

Special thanks to Mime Centrum Berlin for support.

Yu (Aya Irizuki), a homeless girl, who dances Butoh in a park.

In her works Aya mixes Butoh (and Butoh-fu) and Corporeal mime – thus she calls herself a physical theater artist. Since Aya studied fine arts, she mainly herself makes costumes and stage design for her performances.

Aya Irizuki in Berlin

In the end of March we are planning an artist talk with Aya Irizuki, who is known to the wide audience thanks to her role of a homeless girl dancing Butoh in a park in the film of Doris Dörrie “Cherry Blossoms” (Hanami – Kirschblüten), 2008.
Aya has started her Butoh studies when she was around 18 years old with Akiko Motofuji, wife of Tatsumi Hijikata, later she studied and worked with Yukio Waguri and Koichi Tamano.

We anticipate to welcome her for a talk and to hear of her experiences, teachers, point of view on butoh and contemporary dance.
There will be also screening.

Details of the meeting with Aya coming soon!

Swimming in to the lungs by Aya Irizuki, Munich, 2010